About Us

Headquartered in sunny Tampa Bay area of Florida, Inventory Management Solutions Inc. is a respected and trusted industry leader of fixed asset management solutions. Founded in 1996, the primary objective of the company is to provide ongoing relationships for our customers while helping them handle any curve balls that arise in their fixed asset management processes. Our commitment is to offer cutting edge technology with comprehensive and easy-to-use software containing extensive and accurate reporting tools. We have been nationally recognized as the TOP SAGE FIXED ASSETS BUSINESS PARTNER since 2006.

IMS is a 100% women owned business serving customers nationally as well as internationally. “I think my experience in warehouse management inventory, has helped me considerably in forming a company that provides a full turn key solution and that holds client relationships as the back bone of our high level of service.” says Suzanne Pedone, President and CEO of IMS. We have worked with a wide range of organizations including those in military, non profit, manufacturing, healthcare, and banking industries. Since inception, we have conducted inventories of over 100 billion dollars in assets and have saved company‚Äôs thousands of dollars in property taxes, insurance premiums, and staffing.

Our Philosophy

When we created our Mission Statement, it was important for the staff to understand how it applies to every day. Quite simply, the customer is the priority, and we will do whatever it takes to provide answers, solutions, and knowledge, just as you would help a friend in need. For example, our inventory services were created as a way to become a “temporary” family member to the companies that hire us. After all, our team will be working side-by-side with the clients during the inventory or project management assistance.

IMS partners with only the top product manufactures in the industry and only with products WE use to conduct inventories. Feel free to read what our customers think of us on our resources page.