Barcode and RFID Labels

Barcode and RFID asset tags for all of your fixed asset management needs.

Asset tags are an essential tool for managing your organization's fixed assets. Your asset tags should last as long as the assets themselves. IMS' professionally printed asset tags outperform those printed on standard label printers. Subsurface printing prevents your important asset identification information from fading while permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive prevents asset tags from being easily removed. With different materials, colors, sizes, and intended applications, you will be able to find the right asset tag to meet your fixed asset management needs.

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Indoor Fixed Asset Bar-code Tags

Order Pre-printed and customized Bar-code Labels for great savings on time and money versus traditional in house printers.  These options come in different sizes, and color options.  It’s great to add your own logo also!

  • Designed for use on I.T. assets, Furniture and Fixtures, some Machinery and equipment
  • Flexible materials conform to all surfaces
  • Resist mild caustics, solvents, and abrasions
  • Polyester based material

Outdoor Fixed Asset Bar-code Tags

We have provided outdoor labels in the extreme heat and cold states across the nation. These tags can be offered with a foil, metal or aluminum base product. IMS has partnered with the best manufacturer for producing and printing product to meet all of our customers needs.

  • Designed for use on assets used and stored outdoors; Vehicles, machinery, fire and rescue equipment
  • Resist extreme caustics, solvents, and abrasions
  • Aluminum Foil based material

RFID Fixed Asset Tags

RFID labels are now affordable and available in many different mediums. IMS offers Universal RFID  paper tags, Metal on Metal RFID tags, and even options for you to print your own.

  • Different tags available for different surface applications
  • Continuously advancing technology regarding size, application, and read range

Barcode technology saves time and promotes accuracy by allowing you to scan a code instead of write down a character string. RFID technology saves even more time than barcode technology by allowing you to ping all RFID chips within a defined radius all at the same time.

Our Fixed Asset Management Services

IMS provides the services necessary to assist you with tagging the equipment, tracking the items and supplying a process that your auditors will love. Call us today to see how we can help you.

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