Other Services

Since 1996, IMS has been providing physical inventory services of all kinds and our unique offering for a project assistance implementation. We have a reputation of providing the most efficient, and cost effective inventory services in the country. After the inventory, we can provide an customized and unique operating procedure guide that will assist your company daily with all the fixed asset challenges in today's market.

Wall to Wall Inventory Service

We at IMS know that locating, verifying and tagging assets is a daunting task. Let us provide a customized Proposal for providing you with the People, the Process and in some cases the right Product for all of your inventory needs. Learn More about physical Inventory services.

Project Management Assistance

IMS recognized that many of our clients  had the best software solution, and the people to begin tagging assets however, they lacked the process and a manager to guide the team. Our unique service offers you a Project Manager experienced and dedicated to your asset management team and it’s customized process. If you want to begin accounting for your equipment for tighter controls and cleaner audits, call IMS today for a Project Assist.


We are here to help you. Call us 877-208-1175 to review what services best serve your fixed asset needs!

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