Inventory Tracking Software


Inventory Control Made Easy

Do you have a supply room? How accurate are your inventory balances? How often do you count your inventory? How often do you stockout of particular items in inventory? Tracking inventory is a critical component of any effective inventory control program, and RedBeam’s ( proven inventory control tools can help make your life easier and your business more profitable.


Use a cabled scanner with the Standard Edition or a mobile scanner with the Mobile Edition.Use existing manufacturer SKUs, print your own barcode labels, or don’t use them at all. In addition to item labels, RedBeam Inventory Tracking prints location labels which can be applied to shelf or bin locations as needed. This makes the repetitive process of receiving and issuing items from inventory quick and easy. The inventory system software also provides the ability to print a barcode product catalog.


Day to day inventory control processes rely heavily on transactions which are conducted by people, so you need to make these process as easy and as accurate as possible. RedBeam inventory control software does this by leveraging user its user friendly inventory system software with barcode scanning designed to radically improve your inventory management process. Receive, move, and issue items or physical inventories and cycle counts with ease.

Generate useful inventory reports and print or export to Microsoft Excel.
Report on current inventory quantities, reorder amounts and items that are out-of-stock or overstocked.
Identify shrinkage using physical inventory reports.

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