Bandon Dunes

IMS Team –

Thank you for helping us get a fixed asset tagging system in place. While our resort’s continued success and rapid expansion made the project necessary, your company made it easy. I was impressed with your team’s work ethic and energy from the moment we started. I was also struck by the quick responses I received via phone and email, both before and after the on site work.

Throughout our search for an inventory system and tagging team, IMS was the only company that genuinely seemed to want the job. Your willingness to negotiate prices and adjust your schedules to meet our needs went above and beyond the call of duty. As this was my first experience implementing a fixed asset tracking system, I felt a bit disorganized and overwhelmed at times. Your insight and ability to draw on so much experience helped keep me focused and prevented me from becoming bogged down in the details.

I would happily recommend your company to any and all in need of inventory services. You have provided us with exceptional customer service throughout the project and I know I can draw on your expertise in the future if any issues arise. I’d like to offer a special thanks to Tom, Scott, and Anthony for doing the on site grunt work.