In May 2002 IMS was hired to perform a fixed asset physical and general ledger account reconciliation for Hypoguard USE. Suzanne also provided training on Best Software. This task possed many challenges. The asset ledger contained any assets that simply did not exist any longer. Also, in many cases one asset entry in the database was actually many individual assets that should have been tagged and entered individually.

The communication lines were open from the start. We had many discussions before IMS arrived so we’d know what to expect and what was expected of us. IMS tagged the assets at our four locations in the Minneapolis metro. The inventory took place during regular business hours and they were very unobtrusive. The tagging process was very smooth.

I was most impressed with Suzanne’s efficient reconciliation skills. She did so much work and still made sure I understood what she was doing and how she was doing it. I learned a lot.

We were so happy with the May inventory we decided to bring IMS back in October to do the same thing for Futura Medical Technology, a Hypoguard sister corporation located in Upland California. Once again IMS lived up to our expectations. We were happy with the service performed by IMS and I’m sure we will be utilizing them in the future as well.