RFID Tracking Software

Save time with RFID technology and complete fixed asset inventory audits in a fraction of the time compared barcode technology.

IMS now incorporates cutting edge Radio Frequency Identification technology with its fixed asset tracking and management expertise. Whether or not your assets are tagged with unique identification numbers, we can implement and manage an RFID solution for you, or provide you with the tools, training, and support for you to do it yourself. We can even integrate this solution with your depreciation or general ledger software.


Sage RFIDThe latest technology offering a decisive and accurate view of where your assets are, and if they are moving. Nox tracks people, documents and assets. The NOX tags range from, untraceable, undetected low- cost passive RFID tags to Global Positioning and satellite based tags. The NOX vault product can be used with security cameras and dedicated servers to track the movement of the assets LIVE.

IMS has utilized this software to create RFID asset inventory reports in Microsoft Excel, for easy to validate general Ledgers.

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Redbeam RFID Tracking

Manage your assets on the go, in real time. Track and manage your fixed assets using Windows Mobile 6.5, Android and iOS devices. No CDs to install, software to download or upgrades to worry about. Simply log in to control your company’s valuable equipment. Open, standard-based application programming interfaces (APIs) can be used to help integrate RedBeamwith your existing systems. Assign roles to Active Directory groups to reduce overhead and improve workstation security. Asset Tracking for all your devices.

RFID Tools Available:

  • RFID Asset Tags
  • RFID Readers
  • RFID Asset Tracking Software

Additional Benefits Available:

  • Integrate with depreciation or general ledger software
  • RFID asset tag implementation
  • RFID reader and software, training and support
  • Find out what Inventory Management Solutions can do for your company. Request a free fixed asset management analysis.

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