Maury Regional Hospital

Dear Suzanne,

I want to start off by saying thank you! It has been several years since Maury Regional Hospital has performed a formal capital inventory of our equipment assets. As a result, our General Ledger did not accurately reflect what capital equipment items we actually had in-house.

We looked at three vendors, but none of the other two had the entire solution to resolve our capital asset needs. We needed a company that could do the following:

  1. Incorporate a pre-inventory listing of our capital equipment into a working database.
  2. Inventory and tag all of Maury Regional Hospital’s (and its off-site facilities) capital items.
  3. Place all of our capital equipment found into the working database.
  4. Match all equipment in the database with equipment actually identified within the hospital.
  5. Indicate location (area of hospital) where capital equipment was in use.
  6. Use or upgrade our current capital asset software for use in Accounting and Materials Management.
  7. Assist in performing a reconciliation process from the database listing all equipment inventories.
  8. Train Materials Management and Accounting on use of software and hand-held scanners.
  9. Develop policies/procedures for use of software and the future asset tagging policy at Maury Regional Hospital.

Inventory Management Solutions was able to do all of the above and then some. Suzanne, besides complementing your technical and process efficiently, I would also like to complement your support staff. The employees you had on site with you were friendly, professional, and always sensitive to each individual area they entered. After only a few days on site every manager had positive comments on their travels with you and your staff. The off-site facilities itinerary you discussed with me was always on schedule. The only exception to this was when we “added on” additional square footage at the last minute. However, you took all of our changed and additions in stride.

Chief Resource Officer