Simply RFID Unlimited Support

At IMS we strive to provide only the best products and most reliable solutions for all your fixed asset tracking and inventory management needs. SimplyRFID was chosen as a vendor because of it’s dedication to it’s customers and their long term tracking goals.

The OD product and NOX product have a few differences, however the essentials remain the same. ALL support is UNLIMITED and includes email and phone support from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday with a maximum of 60 minute response time. After hours, they offer cellular numbers to every customer so they can reach Simply RFID anytime — if it’s an emergency.

ON Demand Shipping and NOX Product support

Unlimited Upgrades

At SimplyRFID constantly upgrading and improving our software. We listen carefully to customer concerns
and make changes to our software based on customer requests. When you purchase a copy of OD, you will be entitled to all upgrades made to the software for one year. When we release a new major version of OD, it will be available for download for free to anyone who has purchased OD within the last year.
We are always in-the-know about upcoming changes to DoD shipping requirements, and we update the OD software long before the DoD begins a new mandate.

Toll Free Support

Installing any new technology can be tricky if you’ve never used it before. SimplyRFID wants to make that setup as easy as possible. They will be happy to walk you through the setup and installation of your new printer over the phone at no additional charge. Once your system is running smoothly SimplyRFID will continue to support it when it needs upgrading, troubleshooting, or training new personnel.
We encourage you to take advantage of our toll free support. Most of our upgrades and improvements come from customer feedback. The more information you give us about your experience, the better we can help you.

UID Verification

One of the requirements of the Mil-Std-130 is for your unique part markings to be certified ‘Grade A.’ Using Zebra 5100 resin ribbon, along with Zebra Z-Ultimate 4000T label stock will produce exactly what you need; however, if you need to be sure that your system is still churning out ‘Grade A’ every time, SimplyRFID will gladly do one free UID verification per-quarter. SimplyRFID will provide you with a verification report and a certificate of conformance. Typically a quarterly verification sample will satisfy the QAR requirements. If your labels should turn out to be below grade, it usually means your printer just needs some tweaking.

NOX Handheld Support

Warranty for the RFID handheld scanner is $300 a year, and includes accidental damage coverage.


Phone: +1 (800) 909-5524
Fax: +1 (800) 887-7236