Process Development and Project Assistance

Promote efficiency

Since 1996, IMS has been assisting companies globally with all it's fixed asset and inventory management concerns. Our company philosophy includes empowering our clients with the knowledge and products to continue Good Accounting Practices without the need for external resources. However, sometimes our clients need a helping hand. Therefore, we offer a variety of services on a one-time basis.

Customized assistance at your fingertips

  • Customized Standard Asset Management Procedure Guide – S.O.P.
  • Label Placement guide – Promotes consistency when tagging your assets
  • Fixed Asset Management Analysis – What do you need? Do you have the right people and process?
  • RFID Site Assessment  – Is your facility the right RFID environment?
  • Inventory Project Management Assistance – YOU have people to tag, but need a proven Project Manager.

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