Hosting Fixed Asset software has benefits

Sage Fixed Assets by Sage Software is not available as a Web Based solution. So, how can I get my customers access to the program, the data and make edits from multiple locations nationally or internationally? EASILY is the answer. A few months ago we successfully moved our licensed copy of Sage Fixed Assets Asset Accounting and Sage Fixed Assets Asset Inventory to a hosted environment. This will allow our Project manager to access data from anywhere while also working on database conversions for clients. In the past years we did this on a laptop while traveling. What if the laptop crashes? How can my client see progress on the inventory if I am using a laptop to create the inventory session?

These and other concerns are now put to rest. Hosting Fixed Assets has other benefits and most important is now affordable as well.

  • Less requirements for hardware
  • Administration and server maintenance costs drop
  • You only pay for the space you use

There is a nice comfort level knowing IMS can be in a Starbucks somewhere in America, and still access our Sage Fixed Assets Asset Inventory data for a Web Demonstration or even for database work!