SimplyRFIDSimplyRFID offers an exciting answer to all those companies struggling with asset shrinkage. NOX VAULT is a product designed for companies demanding tight controls on their documents, people or assets.

Evidence rooms, file storage, missing assets can all be tracked with the latest NOX VAULT system. By installing readers and cameras throughout the facility, then making sure they are tied to a network proprietory software, your company can receive alerts when targets are moving or leaving the areas. They can even send the alerts to a cell phone!

Additional Features:

  • History of target movement with video recording
  • Install in a pen, carton label, drywall or office furniture
  • Hard wired or wireless and data collected over encrypted, untraceable networks
  • RFID technology also saves time when conducting fixed asset inventories

NoxVault solutions by SimplyRFID offers reliable cutting edge solutions to conduct physical fixed asset inventories in a fraction of the time when compared to barcode technology. The validation process will simply enable you to scan the room with the RFID Handheld, in order to produce an on the spot not found or missing tag report.

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IMS has partnered with SimplyRFID to deliver trusted and reliable RFID solutions. We are more than happy to assist you finding the right solution at prices that meet your needs.

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